Portable USB fan

By Michelle | 08 April 2024 | 0 Comments
Portable Mini Hanging Neck Fan Digital Display Power Venter Bladeless Neck Fan Air Cooler USB Rechargeable Electric Fan
Product description: This portable neck fan power brings strong wind, left and right double design, energy saving and quieter, while increasing the wind speed, it also reduces the noise caused by the wind speed, so that we can comfortably enjoy the coolness brought by the fan
Three adjustable wind speeds: This portable neck fan is equipped with 3 speeds for you to choose, 360°rotation to adjust the wind outlet angle freely, hose angle adjustment free control, first gear, breeze blowing, refreshing experience; two pieces of refreshing double , sweep away the sweltering heat; third gear, strong wind, cool instantly
Fast charging: This portable neck fan adopts fast charging technology, the Type-C interface can be fully charged in just 2-3 hours, and the battery life is longer, allowing you to enjoy strong airflow whole day long without interruption.
Leafless and Safer: This wearable cooling fan is designed as an earphone, which can free your hands at any time, and it will blow enough cool air for your neck and face. and bladeless design, the portable neck fan can be used safely without worrying about graying or curling hair
Where to use it: This portable neck fan is the perfect companion on a hot summer day. You can enjoy cooling outdoors, indoors, office, gym, traveling, camping, cooking, doing housework, while freeing your hands, enjoy cooling anytime and anywhere
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